Worker Director Landslide!!!!

Congratulations Karen!!!!

Congratulations to Karen Halpenny on her election to the ESB Board. I know thatt I speak for all ESU members in wishing her every sucess in her new role.

With almost double the quota this was truely a landslide result made extra special by successfully bringing Owen Kilmurray (SIPTU) across the line courtesy of this massive majority.

I want to thank all the ESU members for playing their part in creating this stunning success.

A clear message has now been sent out that the ESU is not only the strongest voice for representing staff in ESB but also that we are a united and capable organisation with a strong and clear mandate.

Karen now becomes not only the forst woman evr elected as a Worker Director but she is also the first member of the DC Pension Scheme to hold this post.

I am certain that these won't the the only first we see from Karen as we head into future in these turbulent and uncertain times.

Congratulations to the other sucessful candidtaes on their election.

Is mise


ESU president